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Our Management Team

Orphans & Vulnerable Children


NBalia Kande Aribot


Mbalia Kande Aribot is a proud native of the Republic of Guinea, mother of four beautiful children and is the co-founder of B & K Children’s Foundation. She immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s and has dedicated herself to serving the Guinean community in the locally and abroad. With education being a priority for ensuring her success, she earned her B.A. in Finance from Florida State University, followed by her Master’s degree in International Business and Project Management from American International University.


Mbalia has spent over a decade of her career as a Tax Examiner and Account Manager at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Through her time here, she has gained a strong knowledge of public finance, financial markets, and taxation. Her work with the IRS has played a major role in her desire for to better her community.


Mbalia is a leader in women’s economic empowerment and an advocate for equity and inclusion within the Guinean community. As co-founder of B&K Children’s Foundation, her goal is to make sure that children have all of their basic needs met in order to grow and develop into healthy and self-sufficient adults. Mbalia maintains and promotes a clear vision of present and future program goals and strategies, and works with team members, local beneficiaries, partners and donors to implement them. She is guided by the organization’s framework of the GOAL Global strategy, and works hard to achieve and maintain program objectives.


Mariam Balde Diallo


Mariam Balde, is a co-founder of B&K Children Foundation. Prior to this, Mariam Balde was the Atlanta Guinean community organizer. She has always fought for the welfare of the Guinean community. Her love for helping people does not stop at her community. It goes above and beyond.


This is why in 2002 she volunteered at Manor Rehabilitation center in Decatur GA to assist patients with their daily living activities. She also assisted nurses and general physicians to look after physically impaired and mentally ill patients. Further more, in 2008, she volunteered at the Refugee Family Services in Stone Mountain GA to help children with their after school activities.


Moreover, she found herself studying endlessly to become a nurse to help people who are in need. After a year in nursing school at Mercer University, she finally got her nursing training at Woodruff Medical Training in 2010.

 Furthermore, she pursued her education in Psychology at Georgia State University. After she earned her degree in Psychology in 2013 at Georgia State University, Mariam was trained as a behavior therapist working with children with autism. As a ABA behavior therapist, she helps children with autism to meet their goals. Moreover, she is a wife and a mother of four children, Three girls and a boy.


Mariama Conde

Country Director 

Savané Mariam Moyan Condé is a Mother of 4 boys.
 She was graduated from the University of Conakry (UGANC) and has certifications in Human Resources Management and in Marketing and Business Communication Techniques.
As BK Children Foundation ‘Country Director, She drives innovation in programming, and ensures that quality and accountability to all stakeholders is achieved. Shehase a strong communication and representation skills which are essential to influence government, donors and other stakeholders.

She takes overall responsible for the planning, management and appropriate development of GOAL’s work in-country. She is responsible for providing leadership not just to the in-country Senior Management Team (SMT), but for setting an ethical culture and direction for the whole program.
She is also responsible for ensuring that the programming is context appropriate and meeting the evidenced needs of target beneficiaries. 

She is working on two Organizations including "AFFEGUI" (Alliance of Women for Equality and Gender in Guinea). As an Assistant Director of AFFEGU, she ensures that GOAL meets its contracted objectives and is accountable to stakeholders. She is also Executive Secretary of the “SOLIDARITY FOUNDATION ". These two organizations are the local partners of the B & K Foundation

Since 2009, She has attended many workshops and training in women's leadership project. She is also a member of The WACSI (WEST AFRICA CIVIL SOCIETY INSTITUTE-platform against child marriage.)

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